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Welcome to another money-making tutorial on our website, if you are a new user so please join us and get more tips & tricks to earn the money online.


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As many of you already know about how easy to generate the money online and some don't, so this tutorial is for everyone. Today, I'll guide you step by step procedure to set up your extra or full time earning from different ways.

Nowadays, there are many short links websites in the market but most of them are trying to trick you and there is no transparency in the pay-out system but now you are at the right place.

I will share the detailed information about the how they are working and helps you to generate regular money, not for a few days bait as mostly website serving to their loyal and hardworking innocent users.

If you are an existing YouTuber, Blogger or Website owner so it is 90% easy method for you, but I’ll start explaining from the beginner’s level, experts may skip few below steps.


For the beginners.

Your first target step is a website or a web-blog. So here the few methods to start it.

First, the free method and you don’t want to spend any money, so register/Login on a with your Gmail id or create a new one, it is a universal account so you can log in on any google partner website.


1. Create a new blog as shown below


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After that go to the post section and click over New Post.


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And start writing your article in a decent way and make it attractive, if you are sharing any file with your users, like any graphic, coding, text, or any file, so upload that file on google drive and get a shareable link.


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Once you get a link go to your teamsplush account, make sure you register over there and log in via your account to earn the money from your converted links.


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After that, you will get a teamsplush short links as shown in below image, which you need to publish and share on your website, blog or YouTube Channel (in video descriptions).


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Now, the link shown in the upper image makes money for you forever (your each link looks different every time) and it depends upon the number of visitors visits on your link, once they visit your shared link from your blogger's blog or website so you'll get paid as per your visitors' geographic location.

You can make up to $200 every 10,000 visitors, So try Teamsplush for few days or months and see the result. 


Published on: 6/8/19, 7:53 PM
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