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Hello Everyone,

Welcome again to our another tutorial.


As you know we're proving tips and tricks for new users who really interested to earn money online. So in today's tutorial, I am going to share the information about how you can create a website absolutely free with your own hosting and domain name.

And there is some almost free hosting service provider with a free domain name as mentioned below, It is a tested and trusted network with outstanding customer support.

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Free hosting providers listed below, but they run their ads on your website later, read the details if you do not like their ads on your website.

First free service provider


Without ads and most of the tools available:

Second free web hosting


We prefer the second option because they have all the modern tools available on their free server as well. We and our some users using this same service and they all running their websites absolutely free. So this is the best way to start your own website.


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For Domain Name

We prefer you to buy a domain name because the age of the domain name reflects the seriousness about you and your website. And you need Google Adsense account approvals in future so your own a domain name will help you to earn more later on.

Or if you're not interested to pay any money at this stage so it is ok, you may get a free domain from the free domain registrar. There are some which provide you the free domain names like listed below:


The first and most popular one is: Click here

The second one is: Click here


Register on any suitable websites which you like the most and start making your website with free hosting and domain name.


Once you successfully created your account and setting up your website. Write your articles, whatever idea you have in your mind to write about but make sure you provide something in between or last in your article, which people tend to download from the link you post/share in your articles. That link must be from and hosted that link in your registered teamsplush account, once your website visitors trying to download the information you provided behind the teamsplush short link, you will get paid. 


If possible try to write your articles in the English language because there are billions of internet users who use and prefer English language contents. But it is not compulsory, Like India, you may write in Hindi as well because there are around 10 billion users who use the internet and familiar with the hindi language.


I hope you may understand the purpose of this tutorial, it definitely makes you inspire and giving you the right track to earning the money in different ways.


Happy earning money with


Published on: 6/9/19, 10:35 PM